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Re: Wood selection for Period drawer fronts

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I think it's a stretch to infer lack of care in the choice of lumber just because the examples you are showing don't agree with our contemporary aesthetic preferences. We can speculate about their motivations, but we should be careful not to inject our own notions about what's proper design.

I may be having difficulty with my communication skills again. Warren answering questions I didn't ask adds confusion. I reviewed what I wrote. I failed to find where I inferred or injected anything. I hoped to be asking questions. I'm not convinced all the knots were fashion driven. But if not what, and why confined to walnut?

Economics is usually at the bottom of most decisions. I have no idea how lumber was produced and marketed 1750-1850. Having been in the business of marketing lumber it is easy for me to speculate this factor was important.

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