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Jim Matthews
"There may be exceptions to that, but 40 years of reflexive work makes a lot of the little dos and don't go away, just like nobody leans over on a bike without counterbalancing themselves, someone who just learned a hard lesson about that might be able to describe it better."

On three separate occasions I've had instructors - who were paid serious money - brush off requests for clarification. I'm undeniably thick headed, but when literally "paying attention" breezing by conceptual gaps is unacceptable.

A demonstration of your premise came at an adult hockey camp, where a fellow attendee was disregarded by instructors over basic backward skating technique.

The course was well over $400 and they just brushed this guy off.
He was a terrible skater, barely able to manage but determined.

I spent 30 minutes with him after each session (5 in all).

When he successfully skated backwards to defend a rush in our scrimmage - like a 200 pound Bambi you could feel his confidence like a wave.

Didn't buy a single beer, that night.

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