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Re: Dating of double iron

Steve Voigt
Hi Wiley,
Thanks for posting the Pollak reference. In my blog post I linked to above, I included a copy of Carruther's advertisement (the real thing, not a fascimile--I wrote to Florida Atlantic University, which archives the Chronicle, and they sent me a copy).
I recall Warren posting a screenshot from the Hummel book on the Dominy family. That book also has a pic of the original.
You bring up a good point about the lack of English sources before 1767, and I imagine some will be found eventually. But so far no one has. The only source at this point is speculative:


The plane mentioned can't be dated with any certainty, but it may be from the 1750s. The double irons are loose, not bolted together. My feeling, unsubstantiated at this point, is that slotted double irons became available in the 1760s, perhaps only a year or two before Carruther's ad.Perhaps it took them longer to migrate to continental Europe than to America, which might explain why Roubo doesn't mention them but Salivet does.

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