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Dating of double iron *PIC*
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Wiley Horne
Absolutely right Steve! Jerome has brought the old to life, with early views on capiron setback.

Here is something on dating—and my apologies in advance to Warren if he has already posted this info. Steve Elliott’s website has among its treasures Kees Van Der Heiden’s experiments on Chipbreaker Mechanics:


In Kees’ introduction, he refers to S. Caruthers being a very early documented advertiser of double irons. Caruthers was born in England and moved to Philadelphia. Kees cites Pollak’s ‘American Wooden Planes’ as source of the Caruthers info.. I searched Pollak for the exact text. Here it is in the 2001 edition of Pollak’s AWP on p. 79:

Now here is something interesting: Caruthers is advertising double irons in the Pennsylvania Gazette on Mar. 6, 1767. That’s earlier than I had thought. And you have to wonder where they were manufactured—surely England at that date. And so, how long had they been current in London before they made their way to America? Where are the English ads prior to March 1767? Where would you look?

Again, I don’t want to slight any prior publication of this material by Warren—apologies in advance.


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