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Bonjour Steve,

I noticed before we may have used a different version of the original. I chose the 1792 version over the 1796 and later versions, but I can only attest of what google says on the cover : MDCCXCII, 1792. Dating stuff from this period was tricky, since the revolution brought in the republican calendar. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a book back from a text extract.

In my post, I give a link to the source on google books and a Link to the screenshot of the Relevant passage, 4th line by the end:

"Enfoncer plus ou moins le second en frappant la partie coudée, jusqu’a ce que le premier n’excède plus, par son tranchant, le second, que d’un tiers ou d’un quart de ligne".

"Push more or less the second [iron] by tapping the bent part, until the first [iron] doesn’t exceed, by its cutting edge, the second [iron], by a third or a quarter of a line".

Units were a mess back then, so a "ligne" was a 12th of an French inch, a royal inch, so of course a little larger than the English inch, a little under 30mm. But engineers might have used the "proper" inch. After that, shortly after, the metric system was imposed. Half a millimeter seems a decent approximation.

If you reread the last line of my post, you will find a hint to extract the text from the image to feed it to google translate. Don’t be afraid to ask for translation if you need, this is somewhat old French, that may prove difficult to google translate.

In the mean time, I will be looking again to find you a direct link to the exact page.

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