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Re: outside of your back and forth..

David Weaver
I have to admit I didn't take anything from Bob strawn posts and I'm not sure anyone else did because he was experimenting with lots of stuff and I couldn't tell what was useful. I'm sure I'm on record as having said this same thing- at the time Bob was also posting about sharpening on strips of very thin steel and some of those things seemed like a dead end.

One singular thing led me to use a millers falls plane in isolation for two weeks- the desire to work by hand and the failure to do it productively with single iron planes. Repeated failure. I started fiddling in February 2012 with a smoother that I bought Christmas a few months before.

The only person I conversed with was chris Griggs via pm on the blue forum. I told him exactly what I did and he said it worked for him , too. I still was miffed a little and wanted to figure out how to use the high angle infill I'd spent 80 hours and $250 making because I hadn't spent enough time dimensioning yet to see that the slightly longer sharpening and setup time was canceled out many times over by the volume of work the plane could be pushed to do between sharpenings.

I just don't learn well from other peoples' details. Nobody gave me enough to go on, so I employed a personal two week rule. If someone is material, it'll be discoverable in two weeks of isolation from other methods. It took less than one to get a feel, and one to better my infill, and maybe one more to have a sense of what looked right.

I never saw anyone else write the set rules as I did in the article and saw a bunch of people suggest copying the video geometry and settings, which I could tell by feel was a bad idea. It takes machine power to use those settings. If I hadn't wanted to dimension by hand, I'd have never learned it from anyone else and I doubt few who don't dimension by hand get a solid grasp of it quickly.

The cap geometry that I came up with for the article by experimenting has stood the test of time and bill later confirmed that the professors said *no* to using the video as a guide for hand tools. One thing remains a curiosity- why you never stated a simple set of parameters for using the double iron as I stated in the article. Why didn't anyone else? I think the reason nobody else did because almost nobody dimensions by hand even though lots say they do.

Looking back at Tom's posts, his method applies a lot like Kato and kawai's plane instructions but it went over the head of people not using Japanese planes.

It's not that hard to explain how to get an initial feel for the cap iron set and I'm still confused as to why you never did it other than to use words like "subtle and complicated ". That way oversold the difficulty.

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