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Re: maybe this will help

David Weaver
I'd love to know why they think the new cap iron is an improvement over that design. That one is a bit overweight compared to the stanley type, but someone not setting it right may appreciate the rigidity - who knows.

your 4 1/2 could be solved by filing away the material inside the mouth without opening the mouth much (as in, filing an angle toward the handle at the top and leaving a couple of hundredths of unmodified mouth. That's how norris infills were made when they were made well - the mouth was tight, but the inside of the plane was filed away to make sure there was room to set the cap iron right at the edge if the user desired.

But, you're right - the 4 1/2 LN is a boat anchor for someone doing fairly little with planes. It's awkward for trimming work, and it's sticky feeling for smoothing work and too wide for most people to handle with a very heavy cut. The cast on LN's planes is more durable than stanley's as far as lapping goes, but it's less dry feeling and more sticky on work. The same is true of LV's cast. The difference in heavier work is remarkable.

4 1/2 LN planes sell really well, though. The beginner's draw is the assumption that a plane works better if you can't feel roughness occurring and the 4 1/2s do a better job of masking the feel of surface problems occurring while planing.

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