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David Weaver
...with larry and mention of the double iron, I saw only two references anywhere else to practical use of the cap iron before 2012. They were both on the UK woodworking forum, and in one case, a guy from finland said "it works for me, i don't want a fight about it".

As in, even claiming that the cap iron would control tearout led to heckling, so the guy who knew about it decided only to mention it and not say much more. That was around 2007 or so.

The rest of the thread where he mentioned it was filled with commentary about the superiority of bevel up planes and how revolutionary they were for controlling tearout.

I've managed to fiddle with the LN 62 on and off the last 4 or 5 days to get sets that equal the surface quality of a double iron in really difficult wood (ribboning, etc), but for planing in general, it would take as much effort to figure out how to get all of the compromises ironed out as it would to learn to set the cap by eye (probably more), and I have a better foundation for experimenting and feel that probably 99.9% of anyone using planes.

I'd be willing to bet there are a lot of really low mileage bevel up planes out there, and heavily used power tools in case any wood moves minimally after it's been dimensioned.

It's not hard to see why stanley never sold many. The feel is off, they dull faster (or stop cutting well at an earlier dullness point), and then reward the user with a thicker iron to sharpen and poor lateral adjustment.

There is a user on the UK forum who was working professionally at the time on one off furniture - he was trained at barnsley. He used our discussion to learn the cap iron and employed it in his work. He was trained a while ago, too (I understand barnsley is more modernist now, probably doing some hand tool training, but also training craftsmen to use stuff like manufactured honeycomb stock).

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