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Re: Lee Valley information confirmed

David Weaver
Two things (LN based):

* the last LN plane that I got new before the recent BU is a bronze 4 - it had the step on the front of the cap iron that needs to be honed off (figure if you were making something out of mild steel, rather than hand finishing the edge, you square the front off on a grinder and call it good - just a little sliver of squareness - a few hundredths high or so). Unless they changed something between then and now, they still aren't usable out of the box.

* as far as LN making their planes so that the cap iron can be set, they didn't for a while at least on 2 3/8" irons - when we posted about the cap iron, a bunch of people (my LN 7 was a box queen by then) reported that the plane ran out of depth adjustment before cutting if the cap was set close. I took my 7 out, and sure enough (it was stowed before any research, and I had other lighter metal jointers), it ran out of travel on the adjuster just as it got into the cut unless the cap was set back. Adding depth to the cut resulted in the adjuster tip going forward and under the cap iron.

It was remarkable given the number of people who claimed they were already using the cap iron, and nobody had ever noticed that a huge number of LN's planes couldn't be set close enough for the cap it work without the adjuster running out of travel. They took them back, fixed it, and then proceeded to declare steeper frogs a more practical solution to control tearout -that and a slow working toothed iron that was probably intended to trim end grain when stanley made it.

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