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Two issues

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
The LN chipbreaker, as with others, such as the Veritas, come with a 25 degree angled leading edge. This is too low if you want to take full effect of the tearout control when closing the chipbreaker down. The common recommendation is to add a 50 degree secondary bevel. Further, I have been rounding this as well for the past couple of years, but have not noted a significant difference between the two profiles.

The second issue is that the only chipbreaker that works in the LN is, surprisingly, a LN chipbreaker. The reason is that the projection slot is 1/4” higher up than on other makes.

The standard LN A2 blade works perfectly well but, if you want to try a Veritas PM-V11, the thinner Stanley-replacement version works well. I have this in my #3. Veritas make a thick #4 for their BD plane, which may work as well, but I have not tried this (since I do not have a LN #4).

Regards from Perth


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