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one follow up to this...

David Weaver
...and I really don't know what any other place does, but it does look like they pour the bars into open moulds because the bottoms look like a liquid that partially settles in place.

Which means the mix is made and then poured into the mould.

In the case of linde A, it's so light weight that it really doesn't matter what order you go. I don't actually have a clue when the particle size would be big enough for it to matter. I put the linde A in my tray first and then dribbled the wax into it, and then stirred until it was uniformly white. It stayed that way.

Since coarser bars aren't hard to find really cheap, I've got no intention to make them (I don't think they could be made as cheaply as they can be bought), but I didn't see a linde A bar!! and I have a lot of linde A now that isn't going to be used.

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