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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Then, I pressed them together with my thumbs and forefingers. No light.

If skilled with planing perfect edges can be created (not by me). With a power jointer they sometimes can be created. You soon learn what you can live with if you make many panels.

Could someone tell a panel I made on a jointer vs perfectly hand planed? No. Unlike my pedestrian dovetails I take a great deal of pride in my panels. The joints are perfect and the grain matches are attractive as the lumber available will allow (and I have hundreds of bdft to choose from). In both cases the glue would be squeezed out and the joint would be wood to wood with no glue line visible in between.

Could jointer edged lumber be successfully glued with hide rub joints. Maybe but not by me. There is a reason I own 48 panel clamps .

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