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Separate Planets
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David Weaver
My spouse spends about 15 or 20 hours a week cleaning various things (upstairs).

The basement and garage are my domain, and they are a mess (something I don't hide). I don't touch much up in the "regular parts of the house". It's not a safe thing for me to do.

She has a healthy distaste for anything that looks like a byproduct of woodworking, but the kids themselves love the shavings. the LOVE the long flat shaving that come out of the try plane and that are longer than they are tall. Once in a while, they go up the steps with a couple of them only to return in very short order and throw them on the shop floor.

We're on separate planets in this house. I always wonder what it's like for other folks. The mess, I could do something about (but I don't). The hobby itself would still be discouraged.

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