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David Weaver
>>David Charlesworth once claimed on this site that if one had a board with a flat edge and then took five or ten full length passes the edge would become convex., and more shavings would make it worse. I could not imagine this being the case, so after planing an edge true, I took 100 shavings after which it was still flat. Today I was wondering if maybe he had a concave plane.<<

Same experience. I described setting up the plane and what one does to plane a through shaving (i'm sure you can do it, too, but I can plane a board hollow with through shavings). David didn't find it believable, so I did it twice in a row in a video - using the starrett edge to show a board being planed hollow with through shavings.

I'll give david credit after I showed him the video, he revised his thoughts somewhat.

I don't doubt that most beginners do it, which makes the idea of a hollow jointer even worse.

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