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LN 62 in house....

David Weaver
..will test on the cocobolo tonight.

My accusations of shady dealing appear to have been accurate!! (as in, listing an item as shipped and providing a tracking number that never changed from "pre-shipment in process")

I sold an expensive guitar last week and replaced it with a cheaper guitar (this got me in trouble as I have no shortage of guitars -rightly so for being in trouble).

I figured some time would pass before the LN plane would arrive, so no big deal on it saying it never shipped - maybe the mrs. would have time to cool off. Last I checked shipping status was last night.

It arrived just a bit ago and the mrs. dropped it at the top of the steps with intention!! Fortunately, it's well-packed.

Curiosity remains about whether or not it can smash out a 5 thousandth tearout-free shaving in the cocobolo test board like the late type stanley plane. If not, no big deal.

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