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Bevel up trials - stanley 18 -cocobolo

David Weaver
OK – the following set of posts are a comparison of
* 55 degree flat bevel
* 62 degree flat, and
* 55 degrees followed by a stiff buffing on yellowcake (BU UNI). Stiff buffing is four stiff passes through the buffing wheel with fresh yellowcake and a relatively heavy hand (and into the wheel a little steep, not tangent to it).

The plane is a stanley 18. I have five blades for it, so it's a good ranging tool for testing a bench plane when I get one from LN.

Back and bevel finish is ungraded chrome ox on softwood (just behind dursol, finer than 8k waterstone or black or trans ark).

The wood is quartered cocobolo with silica, 1.05 specific gravity. The second worst thing that I have to plane, and perhaps the most dense. The fact that it's quartered does make it a little less planing resistance than the flat face.

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