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William Duffield
If you have to have a specific shape "Crayon," Don Williams has demonstrated another trick for containing either the stick itself or the mold material: Lego blocks! The problem there is it may take me quite a while to find my Legos. They're somewhere in storage on the other side of town.

If you haven't watched the video that Monty provided, as the youtuber added the beeswax to the powdered abrasive, I thought I didn't particularly like that idea because he was going to have some difficulty getting a consistent mixture. He immediately noted that he should have added the powder to the melted beeswax, and I just nodded my head. :) One thing I like about amateur YTs is that I can often learn important lessons from the results of their less than optimal procedures, that I would never see in professionally produced videos (or even in books) by experts who have perfected their procedures.

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