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David Weaver
..any plastic package that anything comes in will do for a mould. Beeswax or paraffin can be held in the jaws of a pair of pliers (hold tight as the hold shrinks!!) and the wax torched off to drip into a container already full of abrasive.

The wax cools a little bit but stays easily liquid enough to mix for a while and it's not close to hot enough to be a problem with the plastic (low temp wax has to be chosen, but it "Runs" away from the torch flame long before it ever gets that warm. Then you can just peel the plastic off and throw it away.

This is lowbrow and can make funny looking buffing bars, but they work. I'll find out later if paraffin is a bad choice for the wheel, but many things were a bad choice for oilstones in the past and there's plenty around to just simply remove oxidized material (or diamond hone it off).

The total time spent for this process is about 3 minutes, but some planning ahead is worthwhile as all I had was a blister package for a fishing rod combo that I bought for the kids.

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