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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have a number of Veritas planes and I really like them. The problem is that the #4 is not available for another month and I need the plane. Lie Nielson has a brass #4 for an additional 125$. For those of you that have experience with both, is the additional cost worth it? The Stanley with the hock blade and cap have performed beautifully for $200 less than the LN. What say you? Thanks in advance.

Hi McKay

I have a Stanley #4 (actually a #604), the Veritas Custom #4 and a LN Bronze #3 (with a #4 handle).

The Veritas and the LN have a similar mass in my hand. The Stanley feels larger than these two. I have a largish hand, but prefer #3-sized planes.

These planes are significantly different that personal preference is really the only way to choose between them. In terms of performance, they all work much the same. However, there is more to preference for using a plane than performance, per se. How it feels in the hand, for one, is more relevant.

For myself, the Veritas has the lowest centre of effort and feels the slipperiest, while the LN has the nicer (Stanley) adjuster. The Stanley always surprises me when I use it, mostly how sweet it can be. Both the Veritas and the LN use PM-V11 blades, while the Stanley has a M4. Of course, the Veritas are customised planes. Nothing I own is really the same as anyone else's.

This is not much help, I'm sure :)

Regards from Perth


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