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Unicorn Chisel Devours Stack of Drawer Dides *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I am lowering the bevel angle and then Unicorning chisels as a need for their services comes up. I have 4 drawers to make. I considered lining the sides all up and driving the robust edge through the stack, cleaning out dovetail waste with a single stroke ;)

Part of another stack of drawer parts was resawed from some billets of poplar I whacked out with a chain saw from a large tree given to my daughter for firewood. I put spacers between the resawed boards and add clamps to each corner. Then a trip to the attic for 2 week to bake. When dry I package them up by length and width for the next drawer needs. This is the 3rd run of these parts and near the end of what I have to resaw. The effort has provided rift and quartered stock, for no cost and a fair amount of effort.

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Unicorn Chisel Devours Stack of Drawer Dides *PIC*
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