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nonsense learned while experimenting

David Weaver
I learned that I can take thin shavings from yellow pine and use my fat-man-fan (something needs to keep a lardo like me cool enough).

The first one is from those home depot blades. For some reason, the buffer just loves slightly soft irons. The edge on them is so smooth and edge life is good.


The second is from the japnese plane laying on the bench, but I didn't take the time to adjust it thinner, so it didn't fly as high.

I tried this later last night with a typical smoother shaving and it promptly flopped on the floor after going a foot or two.

Unneeded story about the fan in back. It's filthy, the nose cone has pencil marks on it from when I learned as a kid that you could stick a pencil through it (my parents never blasted me for stuff like that), and looking at it, I remember that it's one of those things that's lost in history. It was an early reversible box fan from "robeson". We lived in the woods and didn't use air conditioning until i was in my late teens. I was at the edge of my seat waiting for my bedroom box fan only to find my parents didn't want to spring for one that was reversible, and some how or other, I wrangled this thing away from my sister.

My parents are well off (I'm not). We didn't use A/C because we have PA dutchy lineage and you just don't do lazy wasteful things that aren't absolutely necessary. I never missed not having A/C until we had it, then it's something you can't live without.

I kept this fan and think of how indulgent we are in current society vs. even the rural 80s life where an evening when your friend is tied up with a relatives' birthday party leaves you kicking a football back and forth across the yard for several hours - and hoping your parents might spend an extra $5 so that you don't have to take your fan in and out of the window when the wind changes direction.

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