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Re: Another Buffing Question

David Weaver
I just made one with paraffin - something like 2/3rds paraffin and 1/3rd abrasive. I think it would be better (by weight) if the two were switched. I have way more wax than needed, but no significant detriment at this point.

Bill suggested beeswax. I think many things would work. If too waxy loads the wheel, then combing the wheel should fling most of the nasties out (tip above to use a spent rasp is a good one).

Agree with using what's on hand.

(interestingly enough, iwasaki used felt or something of the sort with 1 micron diamonds in it about 50 years go when such things would've been expensive - after an uber expensive super premium japanese natural waterstone. He said the comfort of the shave was improved afterwards, the edge was relaxed a little bit and improved. I was horrified to see that as i'd tried fine diamonds on a razor on a harder surface and it was bad. But have learned since, the felt and diamonds are probably a magic combination. I don't think aggressive stuff would be a problem on the wheel, but it would be a waste as the wheel will fling out and then subsequently consume more in the next charge. While it's wasteful, I'm also sure that most people would never use a $14 jackson lea green buffing bar in their lifetime)

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