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Re: Another Buffing Question

William Duffield
This is about the buffing stick and the carrier for its abrasive. I currently have two Dico Premium Buffing Compositions charging sticks, E5 (emory) and SCR (stainless steel) intended for buffing ferrous metals. I have found they also work well with my cotton buffing wheels for polishing brass and bronze.

I also have some Norton 0.5 µ diamonds suspended in water (in a syringe from Joel at TFWW), but I strongly suspect the diamonds are inappropriate (to say the least) for polishing an Equus monoceros, since I suspect the primary function of the unicorn process is to fuse the deep, sharp scratches left in the carbides and other crystals that cause premature edge failure due to fracture concentration and extension.

If I can, I'd prefer using the materials I already have at hand, instead of going down a new, unfamiliar rabbit hole. For consistency, I would like to charge my buffing wheel with the same abrasive as I charge my leather strop and hardwood slips. For these, I have 0.3 µ powdered Cr2O3 that I mixed with a mineral oil carrier and that I apply from a Monoject 412 syringe. While that works for a leather strop, I don't think it is appropriate for a Unicorn Buffing Stick. I would like to make my own "green crayon."

Has anyone made a DIY buffing stick? Can you recommend a carrier (maybe beeswax?) and a method for mixing the chromium oxide and forming the stick, getting it out of the mold and packaging it for use?

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