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Re: Buffing objects vs. what we're doing..

Wiley Horne
“ we like the soft gentle nature of the wheel ”

Important point. You want the wheel fluff—the stuff that hits the blade—to have very little to no body to it. The fluff with no bidy will just lick the edge; it will select for the edge, and just the edge. Which is what you want—you want the rounding limited to just the first few thousandths of the edge.

But when the wheel gets loaded and develops some body, it now has striking force. It won’t limit itself to the edge—it will take metal off whatever it hits and proportionate to wheel speed. So instead of getting a unicorn, you get a rounding extending 10-15 thousandths up the edge, rather than 3-5 thousandths.

In other words, what David said....keep the edge fluff loose by applying sparingly to start and go from there. Loading up will make the wheel too aggressive.


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