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Buffing objects vs. what we're doing..

David Weaver
I think a lot of the buffing setups charge the wheel fully to speed up a large buffing project/area and keep the abrasive in the wheel longer.

We don't really need to do that. My preference (and it's subject to someone coming up with something better) is just to take the buffing bar of choice, stick it into the wheel for a second or two and then re-do every couple of items buffed. It hasn't to this point built up in any of the wheels that I have (any mass of rotating fat could actually deflect an edge, too).

What little I know of buffing (and it is little) is that the wheels go from loose to basically rolling thunder (we're choosing something in between) and the amount of compound can go from almost nothing, and transient to "greaseless" compounds (for coarse work) that are basically a glue intended to stick with the wheel rather than be more transient.

If a wheel loads, there are combs to strip some of the material out of the wheel, but I don't have one and haven't needed one yet. start slow would be my advice, and just with the buffing bar (no pre-conditioning the wheel - we like the soft gentle nature of the wheel - it gives a lot of flexibility).

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