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help re. Autosol posts

Bruce Mack
Generational gap- I cannot successfully use Google site search to find recent posts on Autosol as a final sharpening medium. David has a 2016 post on Autosol ending "I think autosol is quite good, though - it will go well beyond the graded 3 micron size in honing if you put it on something and let it break in and only refresh it with a little stuff at a time (I couldn't tell the difference between MDF and autosol that is broken in a little bit and MDF with green chrome pigment only on it).

I would personally prefer to use autosol over the smaller particles due to its ability to "Break in" and then be refreshed on whatever it's on by just adding a little bit of oil to keep it mobile instead of adding more abrasive

FWIW, if I put autosol on MDF, I have to sharpen two or three chisels on it before it has that fineness. The first thing sharpened on it, it shows its teeth a little bit and about matches an 8k waterstone, as you'd expect."
I recall more recent info on this site or on one of David's videos and today used a just acquired tube on planed pine. Gritty to touch, it quickly produced a blackish green swarf on a few passes of a dull but not damaged chisel. I expected a rough edge but realized I had an Excalibur in my hand with a shiny edge. I want to read more about this if someone can reference the date(s) of recent discussion. Thanks.

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