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Is this what you mean...... *PIC*

Orlando in So. Fl.
.... when you mentioned that:

I guess it takes more skill to get the lamination thin, and you don't see it a whole lot on planes made now. A lot of them are very even with a fat lamination and strike me as being cut from pre-laminated material, even if they're not. They just seem like that.

Here are pictures of two Tsunesaburo blades. The larger one (70mm) is Blue Steel #1 and is called "Maboroshi" and it translates to "Illusion." I got this one from Stu in the swap for the LN LA Jack. It doesn't need to be tapped out as it wears. The other one is a Suigobo Aogami Super steel 48mm called "Meigoryo (Shiragashi Bakurobori) which Tsunesaburo translates to "Ambiguous" in large planes and "Disappointment" in small planes.

The line on the blades is to reference where to align the chipbreaker to get close to the blade's edge.

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