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David Weaver
yes on the stones - anything that's not abrasive that's a little plastic is nice between stones (epoxy, shellac, etc).

Truck with the 78rpm records would be finding some here!!

I do have a couple of pounds of old shellac flakes and I'm thinking that the only way to get al-ox in the shellac without having it shrink and crack when it dries is to melt it rather than dissolve and pour.

I put this on the side for a second as lunchtime today, I made a paraffin bar of 0.3 micron linde A in an attempt to finish an edge really finely and not round much over, but not get stuck buffing by hand.

I still like the yellow stuff on the buffer best as it can follow a coarser stone, but getting a super uniform edge without rounding over and without having to do it by hand is attractive for playing.

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