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David Weaver
layers - I'm thinking i'll have to sprinkle some WA (Which I'm assuming white alundum is what linde A is) and then and add shellac a little at a time. For two reasons - so that the alumina doesn't just settle in the bottom, and so that the shellac will dry.

There's a third - bubbles. Thick layers have bubbles.

As far as seeded gel and exotic abrasives that break down in stones that are supposed to be for honing, I don't really get it. I get their value in grinding, because particles stay sharp and the material sparks off instead of rowing, so the heat build up is less, but those particles that are supposedly tough but frangible to some extent for machine use usually break easily under hand pressure (expensive sandpaper belts don't last any longer than tough non-friable white or yellow alumina when lapping planes, etc).

But, you could be right. They could be fooling with exotic abrasives just to be able to say they're using them and eke a tiny improvement over another similar sized particle when the individual using the abrasive should really just be using a coarser abrasive if they need to work faster.

For example, a fine india is faster than a shapton 1000 stone on pretty much everything anyone would use, and a shapton 1000 will pin with HSS, just like a fine india does.

Trying to squeak a little bit of speed out of alumina is dopey when small diamonds are so cheap.

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