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More ARK stone question

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have been corresponding with David on this topic but thought this question could be of general interest.

I have two stones of unknown provenance. I have owned them for several decades but when they were manufactured is unknown to me. Their density, accurate to better than 1% is 2.24 and 2.27. This density puts them at the boundary between Washita and Soft ARK I think.

There is a hard boundary in name between Washita and Soft ARK but a continuum of density. Hence, categorized by density a Washita differs from Soft Ark by name only at the density boundary.

Question: Near the density boundary is the sharpening performance of the Washita and Soft ARK stones essentially the same? That is to say are the sharpening properties of a "dense" Washita essentially the same as a "light" Soft ARK? If judged only by rate of material removal would they be the same?

How tight do sharpening properties correlate with density?

If we go back in time 100 years +/- were the stones graded by sharpening properties instead of density?

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