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Slow soft vs. slurried Trans Ark *PIC*

David Weaver
So, I slurried the trans ark and the result was finer than I expected. Warren proposed that a settled in soft will do as well as a slurried trans, and I've never taken a scope at an attempt at this.

The smith is the finest soft stone that I have that isn't a washita, so I used it with V11 until it pretty much shut down cutting. Then I used it with the lighest pressure possible, and you can see the burnishing from the light pressure. You'll see this picture (with the brightness of the light pressure bias at the tip) and consider that it just needs more light pressure and the whole edge will become very uniform, but I couldn't get that to happen - they edge always stays a little beat up. I tried five separate times with straight lines and circles expecting to match the slurried trans ark picture that I showed, but the very edge just isn't that refined.

Of course, this edge would work well, though.

More time was spent on this than the dursol edge (The dursol edge is better than any edge that will come off of any novaculite stone I've seen)

For comparison, this is a picture of the trans ark slurried (but only with a settled in 400 grit diamond hone)

This is a test of only two stones, not definitive, just for curiosity.

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