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Re: Bevel-up plane with a buffed blade

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Winston

The next step could be to continue your use of A2 blades and determine whether there is damage with a unicorn profile vs high angle secondary, with both end cutting angle being as similar as possible.

I assume that it is the high bevel angle that sustains edge quality. For BU plane blades, a secondary bevel creates the high cutting angle. This is easy to do with a honing guide and, in fact, really needs to be a specific angle (or close) as BU planes are sensitive to cutting angles.

The issue for me is that, when using a BU plane, I want to know what the cutting angle is. This is important on West Oz interlocked hardwoods. A cutting angle of 60 degrees is unlikely to tear out. However a cutting angle of 50-55 degrees may do so. How does one determine what the secondary nano bevel of the unicorn profile will become ahead of time?

Regards from Perth


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