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putting a dovetail on a long piece

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have a "buffet" sort of tall narrow table underway. Three feet tall, row of small drawers across the top, shelf below. The unique part is there will be a spectacular slab of rock flanked by two 4" wide walnut planks for the top.

Conventional construction for a table with drawers, with rails mortised into legs except top tail on the drawer side will be dovetailed into leg.

The rail is near 5' long and when vertical in the vise for sawing a dovetail on the end it will be far above the vice and out of reach without a stool. I can figure out something for holding this piece to saw it, but somebody might have a better way than what I come up with. So, how would you secure this rail to saw a dovetail on its end?

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