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picture of the rig *PIC*

David Weaver
I like that term - the sharpening rig. Really official.

The wood is from the offcut bin, the stone as mentioned was really free in my case, and the more coarse from this batch, I threw away. I think the reason that I kept this one is that you don't often see ultra fine india stones except they're relatively common in japan (used, I think waterstones have phased them out).

You could never sell anything like this stone, but they don't seem to pin like fine and medium india stones, at least not as much, and they make a nice clean secondary bevel.

It looks like most of the internet listed white stuff is like $6+, which is a bit of a scoffer, but I guess that's the cost of internet convenience. I think the original price for this stuff was in the ball park of $1.99 or $2.99. The fact that it was on clearance suggests that nobody really buys much of this at retail in the first place. It's called "medium". I guess the green was called "fine", but I lost the package long ago and it's not much different. The scope pictures show this to be awfully fine.

part number on that package of buffing bar is no longer functional, but neither is sears retail.

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