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I did a double grinding and sharpening..

David Weaver
...as in, I ground an edge by hand and then did initial hone and then polish with less than $3 worth of materials and will post it on youtube, and then re did it to show that it wasn't a fluke.

I realize that this is the kind of circus nonsense ....well, it really draws me in, but that someone who is selling a very expensive sharpening system may not like - but I attempted to make a video with about $110 of materials including the buffer and then figured, I need to beat the next person to the punch who tries to show something even cheaper.

What I used in $3 worth of materials is something I could literally get by with just fine if I had nothing else, including no buffer, but applying the same principles as the buffer allows us, and not resorting to sandpaper for anything beyond grinding. Sandpaper applied to glass is just a demand for a super clean shop and the chance of cutting sandpaper or notching irons. Something as simple as a contaminated thumb or honing guide wheel can spoil it.

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