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Bevel Down Plane Irons and the Unicorn

David Weaver
Keeping with my comment that the bevel down methods are a lateral move for someone good at freehand honing, it is a little curious to me that most people are reporting hit or miss results with bevel down planes.

I posted a 7-iron video (not golf!!) where I honed and planed with 7 irons just as a matter of demonstrating that consistent usable results are probably right around the corner from initial frustration.

But, two things - a question and a supposition about what might lead to different results:
* has anyone had consistent luck with bevel down planes?
* for those who haven't, i wonder if there is a case for the more aggressive abrasive in the 5 micron bar combined with the wheel speed on the buffer. you can tell from Winston's edge pictures vs. mine that the stronger combination takes a longer higher volume amount of material off of the edge, and I suspect this might be better for plane irons.

Just curious.

BU planes, without a doubt, the method works really well and the considerations for clearance aren't there.

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