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David Weaver
..I have the super speed, but it doesn't support the blade. It's a trap door type that I would suppose was an "improvement" back then because the blue steel blades did much better if they were taken out of a razor and allowed to dry vs. sitting covered with soap and filth.

but it compromised the holding.

I also had what I think was called a merkur 1904. It did what your razor does, which is what I've read the tech does - it screws on and flexes the blade into a fixed position, supported through the whole bow. But that razor wasn't made as accurately as a feather.

I'm not inclined to get a gillette tech - it's probably cast brass with a nickel plate, and i just don't need another one like that, but if a razor is made sort of like the 1904, but a century later and done so it's just so - that's the kind of thing I'm into. I'm going to buy an as-d2 and give it a try.

The devil is in the details with this stuff, right?

The reality is, too, we're using less tough razor blades than were around when those gillette razors were made - I could easily see a blue steel blade being hardened higher and less susceptible to edge damage, but more to rusting. Now these flimsy soft blades are stuffed into the trap door razors with poor support and they get pushed all around by the hairs.

The fascination with the kamisori as I hone them is that they are bumping up against feather sharpness but with a lot of rigidity. The way they can follow the hair down the face and make it hard to even feel stubbing rubbing your finger back up against the grain is novel.

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