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David Weaver
you mentioned the feather razor on another channel. I'm assuming the one you're talking about is an AS-D2?

As far as I can tell looking at that razor, it's similar to a gillette tech, or some of the very early gillette razors - those have a full casted support that bends the razor into a very stiff position.

The world of DE shaving is strange, I consider those things squeegees and none of them feel that aggressive if you shave only in motions that wouldn't cause trouble with a straight razor (i have a fatboy that can be opened all the way to see what "Aggressive" feels like).

I saw strange criticism of the tech copies because "they're too mild". I kind of like the mild DEs (the super speed is a trap door design with less support, but is considered to be mild). The mild feeling of the razor, to my understanding, is based on the fact that the skin bar is not far from the razor (so the skin is stretched a short distance and can't billow back up and hit the blade at a more aggressive angle. I have no idea why people think that's desirable - it invites razor burn).

Long story short, I'm inclined to try the feather AS-D2 as the fatboy prices are apparently a lateral move now and the gizmocity of the fatboy is fun at first but pointless when you don't fiddle with it.

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