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edge corrected used DE Astra *PIC*
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Cutting Edge Wear ()

David Weaver
OK, i don't know if I'll try shaving with one of these soon or not. These are two used astra blades. One, I hand honed on corian and chrome ox. These blades are soft, flexible, an this is fiddly. If it could be made reliable (angle wise), any amount of pressure would bend the edge.

So i freehanded the first one. We'll see:

Then I buffed on the corner of one of my wheels. This is a situation where the razor blade is tiny and flimsy to hold and my high speed buffer wheel is pretty swift. It felt like asking for trouble, but I doubt much could happen (famous last words) as long as the blade isn't fed in the wrong way, stabbing the other side into my hand. There are no visible defects left in the edge (nothing that shines back to the naked eye). 5 micron compound probably way too harsh for this, but just the battering of the wheel is also probably too much. you can see the super even original coating is now rowed with abrasive grooves. We shall see.

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