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Eric Rathhaus
I have no dog in this fight as I'm new to this forum. I took my one and only hand tool class back in 2001-2002 taught by Steve Wynn. I just reread his material, and he made the same statements that Warren makes about the utility of double iron planes. He didn't present it as new or ground breaking information but just as part of what the different hand tools are, their parts, and uses. (I hadn't remember any of this as I didn't attempt to use hand tools until recently.) I know at that time Steve did bespoke hand-built work for clients in the SF Bay Area.

I don't know but speculate that the history of teaching and use of double iron planes for the hobbyist world lagged because the learning curve for these tools is nearly flat without access to a good deal of hands on instruction and access to experienced users. Diagnosing much less correcting problems for double iron planes can be so hard, at least for me! Enter the internet and the rapid expansion of discussion fora like this one. Suddenly hobbyists have virtual access the knowledge needed to allow adoption of this technology. In short it seems that there's a parallel anthropology for the use of double iron planes between the professional and hobbyist worlds.

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