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David Weaver
too bad. I thought blackburn was maybe using it in practice, but it sounds like he understood sort of how it worked and the rest of the variables showed no real exposure in much work.

The bit of my article early on that has stood the test of working is not following the video (on hand tools) and what at first seems like a tight range of setting distance from the edge is actually very forgiving. I enjoyed the challenge to figure the thing out without measuring anything or looking under any scope.

I set the cap too close when I first started, it was easy to set it too close because it's so exciting that there's no tearout. Discretion in use (for results and effort) leads to less of that, but setting it enough. It's a very natural thing if it's just used in work.

2, 4 and 8 thousandths as measured (which I did later) under the scope look *very* different to the naked eye when setting a plane and looking for reflection of the iron edge. It just isn't as hard as it was ever made out to be if it's actually used. If someone wants to do it every 6 months, then I guess....i have no idea how that turns out. It's hard to do anything every 6 months and be any good at it, except maybe for using turbo tax.

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