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Burr *PIC*
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Must be doing it wrong... ()

I can't say why it's not working for you, but regarding the burr, are you sure it's actually a burr? I've found that the buffing compound can accumulate on the back and feel like a burr. Here's the back of a chisel where I buffed the bevel side only. I thought it was a burr until I looked at it with the microscope.

I've checked for burrs after buffing the bevel side only, and I've never found anything that I could see with the microscope.

If I were you, I'd try buffing it less, and with the bevel closer to tangent to the wheel. Hopefully that will give sharper results. If that edge holds up significantly longer than your usual edge, then you're good. If not, then buff it for more time, at a slightly higher angle to the wheel.

The first couple of times I buffed a chisel, it wasn't as quite as sharp as the flat-honed chisels. But after that, I've always gotten better results. I wish I knew what it was that I was doing differently those first couple of times.

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