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graham blackburn...

David Weaver
..after we wrote an article, someone said to me in an email "graham blackburn gave a talk at CW last year and said "give me any plane and I'll use it in any direction""

It was about the cap iron.

On the aussie forum where there's plenty of potential use (but adherence to using entirely hand tools is probably tempered by the wood use there, esp. in WA), most folks still seem to like other means.

I stopped offering it as advice to everyone last year without saying "if you do more with planes than remove chatter, then...."

forgetting that the biggest benefit to me is to be able to size wood with it and smooth quickly.

And as wiley showed, I finally had a way to make the older lighter infills work the way they were supposed to, and their careful filing up from the mouth to make room for the cap iron set all the way to the edge became apparent.

The unicorn thing has been fun, but I suspect it won't make a great dent as the gurus who sell stones along with their classes aren't going to push it for chisels.

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