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“there are a few of us *PIC*

Wiley Horne
using a double iron.”

Hi David and all,

You might be surprised, David. I don't know, but suspect there has been a considerable adoption of double iron technique. And this because of the developmental work and testimony on this forum.

In my own case, just in the past year or so, I went from 0 to this:

These 5 planes are all running on capiron—4 Veritas bladesets + the LN4 with your great iron/capiron combo in it (thank you! It’s permanent).

I have 2 bladesets for the No. 4-type infill on the left—the original from Konrad and an alternate Veritas set that will work with an open mouth. It’s a favorite plane. Works great with either blade set.

Still have other favorites that don’t use double-iron, but consider myself an adopter at this point.

Please excuse the focus on self. My real point: There are likely more recent adopters than you suspect—thanks to all the developers and proponents on this forum.


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