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David Weaver
I don't mind the humor!!

I wouldn't use one of those giant tormek CBN wheels at high speed or even half speed grinders. I've not had one in my hands, but have an aluminum 6" wheel full width and a narrow steel wheel. They are extremely heavy.

If dexterity is bad, I'd use any grinder to set the hollow and then use a guide to set the bevel at 23 degrees and little dexterity is needed for the buffer. Even if hand control is a problem, find something to attach the chisel to and stuff it into the buffing wheel for a couple of seconds.

I actually thought about this the other day - how many ways could someone make this expensive (that's what was on my mind) and completely detach someone from understanding what's going on (not the topic here, but the machine idea comes up for that). I think the koch system was already capable of indefinite chisel maintenance post grinding, and maybe for a long time, but it's expensive and has the "magic secret" vibe with it and appears that it's being clearanced out of the country now.

So...What could someone do? for square tools, some kind of rest could be made with wheels - grind, hone and then sliding the tool past each stop, buff at the end. perhaps a version made with a flat belt is more realistic - but it wouldn't address the wear on the backs of plane blades.

All that said, I am clumsy - my dexterity isn't that great, but it's been improved a little bit by repetition.

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