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Weaver Veg O Matic

Monty Bates
My apology for butting in on this fascinating discussion on Unicorn. I have followed Mr Weavers exploits on this forum for a very long time but he has never tempted me to try any of his endeavors. That is until now. Now he is saying I can just go get a rusty old Stanley, clean it up a bit and install a cheap Chinese iron it will produce gossamer shavings. The only thing he didn't say is if I act quickly he will double the offer. Well I am a sucker, I have to try this.
However, there is always a however, his hucksters version requires a great deal of dexterity of his hands. That dexterity is my problem, I don't have it. I don't need the Weaver Snake Oil, I need the Weaver version of the famed Veg O Matic. Insert plane iron, press down and out pops a sharpened Iron ready to use.
Setting aside my attempt at humor my question is there a way to bypass all that free hand work yet still achieve the same end result?
i have a 10" dual speed Grinder/Buffer I have never known what to do with. Is it possible that I could put on CBN or Tormek wheels and then use the Tormek Camber jig to achieve the same results?

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