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David Weaver
I have 3 kiyotada chisels. They aren't something you come by often and they're expensive.

I saw a nice tataki nomi sell used on the japanese yahoo site for $385 last week (one), which is nice to see to confirm value in japan is like value in the US. Quite often, we're taken advantage of by dealers on both sides of the water, and that's not the case.

I also troll japan yahoo looking for sets of chisels that don't go for much and occasionally buy a set,play with them a little bit, set them up, use them for a while and then sell them on ebay (this is pretty much a zero sum game, but satisfies my desire to collect mental data).

Today, I see this:

The translation doesn't confirm for sure that they are shimamura kiyotada and it's too much for me to spend on a novelty set, but it's pretty uncommon to see a full set of those chisels. The proxy shipper has the listing set as off limits to american buyers (don't know why, the seller may have set the terms so that they aren't allowed to leave japan).

I don't expect this to spark any discussion or response, just brain dumping.

(it's not uncommon to find a good set of well finished nomi, like 10 or 12, for $200 on japan yahoo, though. I've seen no difference between them and a set that would sell for four figures new here, it just takes some experience to spot which chisels are finished well and which are posers - the posers often have blingy rosewood handles and coarse finishing work done to them, inaccurate back sides, or wonky proportions.)

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