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preparing your own pigment stain; application *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
At one time I knew the chemist at General Finishes and he told me they prepared their pigment stain by mixing pigment into what they sell to the consumer as "Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner". They would mix the pigment with equipment that would grind the pigment and disperse it. We have a way to get to the same place.

Mix 10-20 weight pr cent artist oil pigment into the pre-stain. For walnut I use just burnt umber. However, it is a ground up oxide of iron and it can range from reddish to yellowish depending on the brand. I prefer the reddish toned burnt umber for walnut. The art store may let you squeeze a bit onto white paper to see the tone. Because it is a mineral pigment it will never change color.

The stain is applied with a rubber like shellac. Dab into the stain, bounce rubber a few times on the jar to distribute into the rubber and rub it on. Applied this way one can control the amount applied to some extent and a little goes a long way. About 5 mL did this project. I think it was mixed 12% pigment.

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preparing your own pigment stain; application *PIC*
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