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One last picture for reference...

David Weaver
...OK, it won't be the last.

We are showing a lot of tool backs in pictures, and bevels and such.

In them are buffed edges, prior diamond edges, honing compounds, etc, but I have a feeling that a lot of people haven't worked with any of these. Because of when I started, the term "8000 grit waterstone" rings a bell.

This picture is the back of the same iron both on the very strong cutting 5 micron yellowcake, and then compared to the 8k kitayama stone (at one point it was sold as a 12k stone, but that may have been rosy by Japan Woodworker just to have something that looked higher in grit than a king.

It's a functional stone, but would be better for knives.......except......

...who knows what one would use a stone this fine on knives for now?

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