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Unicorn-Lite on the back side

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Just sharpened the massive blade on a LV shooting plane. I have end grain to polish and the plane was so dull it would not pick up a shaving. What I learned:

Recently put into service a cast iron plate charged with 15 micron diamond. Please note....... It is times faster than my Ez'lap fine diamond plate. Which is good on this massive chunk of metal.

Disclaimer: David has advised against what I am about to report. He knows vastly more about planing than I do. However, I am vastly less picky about the process and result beyond wood going away.

I sharpened as follows: hollow grind to near the edge. 15 micron free-hand probably about 30 degree +/- bevel to get a burr I can feel. Clean to remove any 15 micron residue. 1 micron free-hand front and back. It felt sharp at this point.

Then.....Unicorn-lite across the back. Light pressure to just deform the soft wheel, 1 second forward and then back. It felt prickly sharp after this step. I don't know what Unicorn-lite does on the back but it is obvious it does something to enhance sharp. If it has some disadvantage I am unable to see it, which in honesty is not saying much.

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